Nov 262015
Rustang installed on Jig

This is Spring of 2015 just after loading the Rustang on the Frame Jig for major surgery.

I am also currently working on a 1968 Mustang Coupe that should have probably been considered “To Far Gone.”  The Mustang (Rustang) is going to be a street car with a pro-touring flair and track worthy under-pinnings.  I started with a rusted out shell of a car and have been slowly bringing the car back from the dead, with custom full length frame rails, flat floor pans, IRS  and a roll cage.  I will add the car to the Projects Page and you can already find videos on my YouTube channel – Project Car TV (PCTV) showing how some portions of the project were done.  Updates are also posted on Facebook, so check out Allison Customs there and “Like” us.

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