1968 GMC owned by JR & Debbie Allison


The 1968 GMC pickup seen here is owned by JR and Debbie Allison.  It was originally purchased new by JR’s Uncle and then later sold to JR’s Father.  Both the uncle and father cherished the truck and said they would rather drive it than a new truck.  The truck had a complete restoration a few years ago and then was delivered to my shop for some additional upgrades.  As I write this a new overdrive unit has been ordered for the next round in the shop.

If you are interested in seeing the complete rebuild, you can check out the pictures for that at the following link.  The truck was originally yellow.

Pa_s Truck



IMG_0131Clicking on this picture will take you to the Google album for this build.



The Story Continues.

More than a year has gone by since delivering the truck back to JR and it has returned again.  This episode starts with JR saying “it runs good but it rides really rough”.   After explaining that is rides just like a 1968 farm truck should, I suggested lighter springs or airbags.  This lead to a discussion on the merits of airbags, really good shocks and getting rid of the monster sized leaf springs on the back of this never to be used 3/4 ton truck.  So, the quest for a smooth ride begins: