1964 Chevelle owned by Robert Kibbe


This Project belongs to Robert and Laura Kibbe and is Robert’s First car.  Robert will proudly tell stories of the hours of fun and good times he has had because of this car.  He and his father did a restoration on the car in the early 90’s so that Robert could drive the car to High School and later to College.  Now the car is in our shop for a 3rd chance at life.

This is a 1964 Chevy Malibu (Chevelle) that is in need of a complete restoration.  Allison Customs has torn it down to the bare frame and sheet metal and is now going through the process of making it better, faster, and stronger than ever before.  Hopefully we don’t get into the “6 Million Dollar Man” range but this is a time and part consuming process.

Current plans call for a customized race ready  frame and suspension, LS engine swap and 100’s of other small custom touches.  Keep tabs on the project here and at The Muscle Car Place to see how things move along.

New Rendering

Where we wanted to go with the Chevelle.



This is what the Chevelle looked like when it was delivered.

Where we started




How we got there

How we got there




Super Chevy Cover - May 2014

What we ended up with.


Play The Sound

Hear the first Start up – The first 1/2 of file was recorded at the engine bay – The second 1/2 was recorded at the tail pipes

Play The Sound

Watch a Video of the First Start up